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Jackson Education Support

Launched in 2012, Jackson Education Support (JE) exists to develop more independent learners in literacy, math, and science. The firm operates with a client-centered philosophy, which means services are personalized and products are customized to meet client need. With JE support options, clients feel empowered to develop skills and gain knowledge, eager to leverage personal strengths.


Jackson Education Support caters to individuals and organizations by providing a variety of services and products. JE services and products are collectively referred to as support options.


Support options include in-person and online tutoring; editing and writing assistance; parent and student events; assessments and exam proctoring; and more. Explore Summer Saturday Camps, ACT Workshops, and upcoming opportunities for clients and partners.


The vision involves development of more independent learners in literacy, math, and science by implementing personalized services and supporting engagement efforts. Objectives include improving grades and test scores, increasing overall confidence, promoting autonomy and participation, strengthening character, and bridging the transition to more challenging environments.


Engagement is a hot topic in education.


How can we improve? How can we facilitate improvement? Parents in search of involvement strategies are invited to download a preview of Parent Support: 30 Ways to Support Your Child's Education written by Jillian Smart, M.Ed. From learning style resources to integrating classroom objectives into everyday life, Parent Support offers practical, relatable ways to support learning. Access the preview here.


The JE 411 is a blog that speaks to educators, learners, and parents about education topics. You are invited to join the conversation at by submitting a guest post.


Jackson Education Support's success rate of improved performance in literacy, math, and science since 2012; repeat client statistic; 100% pass rate on state math and reading summative assessments; 100% pass rate on the PRAXIS; and 100% improvement on the ACT evidence quality implementation of personalized lessons as well as effective application of pedagogy (and andragogy).


Read feedback from clients...


Very flexible with working with your child's current lesson plans or would be happy to create them based on your child's needs.

  -Katrina, mom


I tried everything to open them up. After she worked with them, I saw improvement.

  -Atika, mom


Awesome. Thanks for a great product.

  -Jen, educator


Access more reviews from clients here.


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Why JE?

Is academic achievement or engagement less than desired for you, your child, or members of your organization?


It doesn't have to be that way. Explore support options below to learn more.



Jackson Education Support options bridge the achievement gap by meeting individual and organizational need.


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