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Jackson Education Support

Launched in 2012, Jackson Education Support (JE) exists to develop more independent learners in literacy, math, and science. The firm operates with a client-centered philosophy, which involves personalization. Leveraging character development to affect cognitive development makes our approach unique. With JE support options, clients feel empowered to develop skills and gain knowledge, eager to improve performance.


Support is available.


The mission involves development of more independent learners of all ages by implementing personalized services and supporting engagement efforts. Objectives include improving grades and test scores, increasing overall confidence, promoting autonomy and participation, strengthening character, and bridging the transition to more challenging environments.

Why JE?

Is academic achievement or engagement less than desired for you, your child, or members of your organization?


Our success rate proves it doesn't have to be that way. Explore support options below to learn more.


Jillian Smart, M.Ed.

CEO & Educational Support Professional, Jackson Education Support


Private Practitioner Certified, National Tutoring Association


Guest Contributer, Education Matters


Author, Parent Support: 30 Ways to Support Your Child's Education

Engagement is huge.


How can we improve? How can we facilitate improvement? Parent Support: 30 Ways to Support Your Child's Education is a helpful tool for this task. From learning style resources to integrating learning objectives into everyday life, Parent Support offers practical, relatable ways to support learning. Access the preview here.


Success is imminent.


Since our inception, 96% of exam preparation and tutoring clients reported improved performance as a result of our unique approach to personalized learning. The success record is evidence of quality implementation of in-person and online personalized lessons as well as effective application of pedagogy (and andragogy). Join the community today!